Rejuvenating Facials & Soothing Massages

Leave our day spa feeling relaxed and revitalized. Receive a facial or massage at Hair Studio & Day Spa, in West Warren, Massachusetts, and you'll breathe a sigh of relief as the pain and stress completely disappear. We specialize in a variety of facials and massages for all types of needs.

Invigorating Facials

At our day spa, we offer many different facials that cleanse and hydrate the skin, as well as treat acne, aging skin, and other conditions. Our highly trained estheticians are here to cater to your skin's needs. Customize your facial to target your specific needs. We also offer:
  • European $65
  • European w/ Body Restoration $125 (1 Hr.)
  • Hydra Dew $75
  • Hydra Refine $85
  • Hydra 4 $85
  • 4 Layer $100
  • 10 Step 4 Layer Facial $130 (includes exfoliation and extractions)
  • Seaweed $95
  • Back Facial $95- $125
  • Hydra Medic $125
  • VC5 $145
  • Biolight $150
  • Mask Add Ons $15-25 (Check Facial Mask)

Massage Therapy

Massages are the oldest form of natural healing. Our certified therapist helps release the tightness in your aching muscles caused by stress and tension to naturally cure your pain. We offer two specialty massages: Swedish and therapeutic massages. A Swedish massage applies long, fluid strokes with light to medium pressure. It helps relieve stress and tension throughout the body. A therapeutic massage helps release tension and relaxes your mind and body. Choose from a variety of different massages to experience the ultimate in pampering. We offer:

1 Hr. $65, 1/2 Hr. $30, Hot Stone $95 (1 1/2 Hr).
  • 60-Minute Massages
  • 20-Minute Chair Massages
  • 30 or 60 Minute Reiki Massages
  • Swedish Exfoliating Massages
  • 30-Minute Massages
  • 90-Minute Hot Stone Massages
  • Reflexology with Wellness Massage
  • 30-Minute Back, Neck, & Shoulder
  • Aroma Therapy Massages
  • 25-Minute Abdominal Massages
  • 30 or 60 Minute Myasync Back& Neck Massages
Woman with Facial
Woman Receiving Massage
Contact us to request an appointment for a facial or massage, and relax and unwind as we perform our magic.